How to Hire a Wedding Videographer

I am a videographer, record your most precious moment and store them for your keep for generation to access…

Documentary Production

My name is Francis Maluda, a kadazandusun from Sabah, Malaysia. 30 years in video business for wedding event, telemovie and mtv karaoke production, news and program for TV, a documentary producer..

Most brides spend months, if not years, dreaming about their wedding day – visualizing an event that will be as unique and sparkling as a snowflake, dazzlingly unlike any wedding before or yet to come, utterly fresh and magical. …..

Yet when those brides look for a wedding videographer -- to capture a living record of that remarkable day, which they will be looking at as long as they’re looking at their wedding rings (even if not as often) – most brides follow a very predictable pattern

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Find your event date and make booking online now for more info and discount call: +601125260014 or +6016-8417632

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Equip with the latest videography equipment both production and post guarantee quality and fast delivery

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- Francis Maluda

I will admit to a bias here, as a videography company that competes on quality, not on price. But statistics support the belief that brides who treat videography as a commodity often regret that view later.

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